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India's Programme on Interlinking Rivers
Rainer Hoerig, Oxford, U.K. July 2005


India is heading for a major water crisis. Devastating floods and droughts, dangerous pollution levels in most rivers and lakes, controversial dam projects and over-exploitation of ground water resources are its main indicators. One of the responses by the government is a programme to interlink major rivers with the help of large reservoirs and broad canals in order to enable a transfer of water from surplus to deficient regions. Rainer Hoerigs paper explains the main features of this project. The author looks at existing river diversion projects in India and analyses their performance. The paper sums up scientific evidence and experience with river diversions in other countries around the globe. Based on this information an attempt is made to assess social and environmental consequences of the programme of interlinking Indias rivers.

With the help of a scholarship from Reuters Foundation the author spent three months of 2005 to study at Oxford University. The summary of his research paper is presented here. more...


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